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How can you help the label?


01. Download and listen to our releases!

02. Tell your friends about us. Burn some mp3's and share with the ladies :]

03. Do you use bit torrents? Help seed our torrents on the pirate bay!

04. Do you use Soulseek or p2p apps? Share your favorite albums publicly.

05. We use social networking sites sparingly, feel free to share our links there!

06. Print fliers and make copies, distribute, hang them up, leave at stores.
  - Flier images coming soon, or make your own and share with us!

07. Promote releases on forums / websites / blogs / music news sites.
  - Search the sites to make sure it hasn't been shared already.

08. Contact us if you notice broken links / images / typo's / errors.

09. Write a review of an album and share it, or submit it to a zine.

10. Give feeback! Artists don't hear from the listener's enough.

11. Just let us know what you like about the site. a band, a picture?

12. Donate money via paypal, see below:
want to donate? everyone involved would appreciate it, it will help the site grow.

if you can't afford to pay, or don't want to spend money, no worries!
you can still help out by seeding legal torrents - here -


mp3 album donation

donations will be used mainly for alcohol, pizza, and web hosting fee's.
thanks for listening and giving diy artists a chance!
thanks for helping us grow!


SINCE 2006

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